2019 Goals

2018 Review

2018 was a hard year for me. It felt like a rollercoaster, but one that I have got off at a better state than when I started.

I set some goals for 2018:

  • Done - Run 1500km during the year - Track Progress - Completed & a fair amount more
  • Done - Complete my first Marathon, and Ultra Marathon (already booked) - Completed & a number more marathons during the year!
  • Improve (further) my work-life balance, and also look to improve my work-hobby-family time balance - I started on this, and have made some improvements, but still a long way to go here!
  • Start to say “no” a bit more. I have always been one to help, and say “yes” at every opportunity, which often causes me stress and worry over not managing to do everything I have promised. - Again, I started on this; but still have a long way to go here! I cut down my freelance work a lot which has helped!
  • Read more! 12 books is my initial goal, one a month, surely I can manage that! - Nope, I managed around 6 for the year!
  • Redevelop/tweak my website (again)! With not doing so much freelance work (and almost all for established clients) I want to turn this more to a update blog. - Nope, and my last post was my 2018 goals!
  • Swim/Bike more - in preparation for my (hopeful) 2019 goal to complete an Ironman - Nope, and I have some different 2019 goals, back to this later!
  • Run every day of the year - runs must be at least 15 minutes long, and must be run outside - Track Progress - Nope, and probably not the best idea if I’m honest!!!

Welcome to 2019!

I want to set some different goals this year, mainly around trying to improve my lifestyle.


  • Complete Manchester & Berlin Marathons, and another Ultra Marathon GUCR 145 Miles
  • Start to stick to a more structured training plan, rather than just “running” whenever I can. This should also help with some work-life balance.
  • Start to cross-train - Possibly with the bike on a turbo?!


  • Spend more time with my family! Some of this time will come from cutting down my freelance work even further during 2019, the rest will have to be carved out from evenings of training/working.
  • Try out Veganuary for January (and possibly beyond?!)
  • Slow down a little, and start to be more organised! This will include a weekly review at the start of each week of what I plan to achieve for the week, along with a review of the previous week.