Maximize Google Chrome

I used to be a Firefox mad-nut! Everything that I would do I would do in Firefox, the Plug-ins available made Web Design brilliant and so on… Then it all changed, Firefox went from Version 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 and so on, before I realised, Firefox 1.0 had become 10.0!

A couple of years back now I switched over to Google Chrome, and haven’t looked back since! Simple browsing works really fast, the Plug-in developers have almost all switched to developing for Chrome instead and the rest is history.

One thing that annoyed me with Chrome on OSX is the Green Maximise button just blew the screen to it’s own size (which seems to be a width it calculates from thin air, with a bit of research, and some trial and error I found that:

Shift + Click

(Click onto the Green Icon)

This blows the screen to Maximised :)