Subversion Merge

I always forget how to do this and am forever having to search my history for various versions of this. On a number of projects I now use Beanstalk as a Subversion Repository, and work on a branch when developing new features. As with all projects I make changes on the trunk, which are put live and I want to test these changes with the branch I am working on. I therefore need to merge my Subversion trunk with the branch.

I navigate to my branch’s working directory:

cd "/Users/matt/Documents/Sites/Project A"

I then test the merge, then run for real if I dont spot any issues:

svn merge -r 83:103 . --dry-run
svn merge -r 83:103 .

Note that 83 first commit of the new branch (or if you run this more than once for a branch, the last commit that you merged on), and 103 is the latest commit.