First Class Degree

So - I got my results on Thursday for my degree I have been working towards for the last 3 years. I have now graduated with a First Class BSc (HONS) - so happy!

But with all this apprehension of waiting it got me thinking - how important is a degree?! I’m quite reserved about my degree - I enjoyed it; and I idid learn new skills etc… But I have learnt probably 3-4 times as much whilst working during my degree!

I have worked for Yellowstone, Barnfield College, Freelance & Debit Finance Collections Plc over the last 2 years (and am still working for the latter 2) - in this time I have learnt 10-15 different languages, communication skills & real-world skills - these are things that they just don’t teach in University.

I was thinking - the Final Year project should be a real-world project, working with and being assessed by a real-world client in order to assert that you actually know what your doing, not just tick the correct boxes!